Fiat 124 Spider 2000 Turbo Convertible 1982
Fiat 124 Spider 2000 (Turbo) Convertible 1982
2.0 ltr. fuel injection 4 Cil, 5 speed manual
one owner and all original
Totaly rustfree!
Including Hard- and Softtop and all the documentation
Price on request

The previous owner took off the turbo and did not replace it.
It will raise the price of this car a lot if you replace it again.

The Turbo Fiat 2000 cars were low production.
From April 1981 to November 1982 only 700 cars were made.
Compared to Fiat's total of 11,574 Spiders sold in USA that year
and 4,824 the next year, you can see finding one of these cars
is very much the needle in the haystack deal.
One advantage is the car is so low key and obscure
there's a good chance most owners will have forgotten about it.
A good many seems to have been laid up in garages or barns
following an unhappy experience with one. You might find a low mileage
cream puff, but it's unlikely it will go cheaply. The situation with
these cars seem to be either the owner knows all about them
or the owner just wanted something other than an MGB. They're well
worth checking out if you know of one in good condition.
The overhead cam engine is a sweet unit and Fiat knew how to build one of those.
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